Things You Need to Know with Church in Fort Worth

by saintjad1022 on February 5, 2013

Nothing is more fun then getting a group together with members of the church to do something to help others. Beans bagging are a great program to raise awareness that the First Christian church in Fourth Worth has done for sometime.

I remember the first time I heard Bill Oaks to talk about how great this experience was. So my friends and I helped out for the first time 6 or 8 months ago. We had a lot of fun! There’s something fun about working with a group of people you know, but do not really have a relationship. After all the work for the same purpose, in this case, bagging the beans, you get some pretty funny conversations, play games, and a strong fellowship with friends and neighbors, who were also went to the same church in fourth worth.

Today was the second time I did and was just as fun. We have some bags of beans in small bags 1250 lbs to make a mission in the Valley (South Texas), I think. I really need to learn what the program is that we are supporting in our church in fourth worth.

I recently went to a mega-church. All dressed to the nines in all the ultra-cool trendy fashion. Our Church is this trendy, and this makes us an uncool church? The purpose of our church should not be a cool place or a church, it is too make a difference in the world around us and share the Christian ministry and reach everyone, at least that’s my opinion.

I saw this happen in our church, but I’ve also seen some pretty incredible compassion for our church. Last week, I noticed several people to reach out and welcome a young man with tattoos, that person was not dressed in “typical” away from the Church. This young man would certainly be one of Jesus ‘favorite people’, and warmed my heart to see so many people of all ages and personalities to achieve, and welcome to this young man. For me, this is what it means to be Christian. I was proud to see our church members to prepare for this challenge.

How can we improve our community by reaching out to these people and help them? No matter if you go to a cool or cold church or not go to church at all for that matter. What can we do to make it a better place for the people around us … rare or not?

It would be good to raise awareness within their congregation and society of what it means to be different or the homeless and actually walk in the shoes of others so we can become less critical.

If you are looking to build strong relationships with the cross generations and through different people, then this is the way to do it. I did a lot of new connections and started a new relationship with all the people I never have time to talk to. It is interesting in itself, but above we help people just eating well. It’s really a pretty amazing things, the mission of First Christian church in fourth worth is to help those people in need.

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