Online Churches: Five Reasons Why They’re Growing Fast

by saintjad1022 on February 5, 2013

Online churches are a growing phenomenon. Here are five reasons why the online churches are booming:


People are growing up with constant access to the internet, and they intake most of their media that way. Someone may be more willing to listen to a sermon on their laptop, text or chat with people for a Bible study, and use resources to grow in their Christian faith through using the internet than they would be to do any of these things in person. Today’s world is very fast paced, and Christians need to be able to move with the times and serve the online generation.


This can be especially true with teens and other young members of the family. Online churches often have teen-friendly websites that appeal to youngsters and use the Word of God to teach lessons relevant to their lives and temptations. Finding an online church for teens who don’t want to attend a physical church can make a profound difference in their lives. They can meet other teens and share their struggles inside a peer group, usually guided by an adult or the pastor. It also offers ways to engage children in discussion about worship and religion. The Bible speaks differently to different people, but the inherent messages are the same.


It’s become common these days for businesses to be open on Sundays and it’s a regular day of work for most people. This can make attending church difficult, if not impossible. Having the service recorded and posted to the church’s website, or by doing the service online and making replays available, lets anyone partake of the Spirit through the convenience of online churches whenever there is a little quiet time to spend with God.


Some people, especially if they fell away from their faith a long time ago or if their lives have been difficult, feel nervous about attending church. They may think that people will judge them or that they will be stared at because they are “new.” Fears like these can keep many people away from church. Online churches can solve this problem by supplying some much-needed anonymity for someone beginning their faith journey, or for someone who is struggling with serious difficulties. They can participate in online discussions and view services from the comfort of their own homes, and all they need to do is turn the computer off if they feel overwhelmed. This lets people feel a lot safer when talking about the issues weighing on their hearts, and when they need to ask questions about Christ.


When someone becomes deeply involved in a church and feels like they’ve found a home for themselves, but then they need to move for school, a job, or family and find themselves far away from their church home, what can they do? Online churches are part of the solution to this dilemma. Since more churches are recording services and expanding their online ministries, it’s becoming easier to find one’s church home both on and offline.


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